Table Valued Function Call Editor, Parameters Tab

The Parameters tab contains the information and editors for working with the parameters of the table valued function call. A table valued function call is always created using reverse engineering of a table valued function in the Relational Model Data using the Catalog Explorer.

parameters tab

The Parameters tab

The parameters are shown in a grid, and directly editable. As a table valued function depends on the target table valued function's parameters, it's not possible to add / remove parameters.

Editing parameters uses type shortcuts for specifying types easily. You can type the first characters of the type shortcut to make the grid automatically pre-select the type(s) matching the characters typed, like intellisense. Pressing TAB will move the focus to the next column. To edit the Description, move to that column using TAB or cursor keys and press Ctrl-DownArrow to open the small text editor to specify a description for a parameter. Descriptions are generated as XML DOC comments into the output.


Parameter directions are always seen as input, there's no support for output parameters with Table Valued Function Calls. If output parameters are a requirement, use a stored procedure to wrap the Table Valued Function Call. The reason is that the Table Valued Function Call is used as a source for a fetch and there's no way to report the output parameter back.