Table Valued Function Call Editor, Code Generation Info Tab

The Code Generation Info tab contains the information and editors for the code generation related data of the table valued function call definition. There are no settings definable for parameters, you can only specify specific code generation information for the table valued function call itself. For stored procedure call definitions, the Attributes tab, Additional namespaces tab and the Additional interfaces tab are disabled as they're not used in the generated code.

Setting values sub-tab

This sub-tab contains all settings defined by the chosen target framework for the element selected in the Element combo box. Each setting has its value set according to the default in the project specific settings available in the Project Settings Editor.

Changing the value will change it for the element chosen in the Element combo box, changing the default in the Project Properties editor afterwards isn't affecting the element specific value. It's recommended to set the defaults in the Project Properties Editor first, and then tweak the individual element's setting if it's required to specify a different value from the default.

Custom properties sub-tab

This sub-tab allows you to specify name-value text pairs for the selected element, which can be used during code generation in template logic and which are emitted in XML DOC comments in the generated code.