Use any .NET ORM framework

The Entity Modeling solution for Entity Framework Core / Full, the LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework, NHibernate and Linq to Sql

Work the way you want

Model first, Database first, or a mixture of both

It doesn't matter how you start your project or how you want to work with your project: you can use reverse-engineering functionality (Database first) and Model first tools at the same time.
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Model your domain the way you want it

Entity definitions, Value Type definitions, Typed View definitions, Typed List definitions, calls to Table-Valued Functions and Stored procedures, they're all available to you. Additionally there are fine-grained options available like marking entities as read-only or specify validation attributes based on rules. Define derived models on top of the entity model to expose entity data through services or denormalized NoSQL databases.

Switch between target O/R mappers easily

If you have to change the O/R mapper for the entity model in your project, you can simply switch the chosen target framework in the LLBLGen Pro designer, re-generate code and you're done.
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Work with the entity model your way

The designer offers you various way to work with your entity model: whether you want to model using a text-based DSL, diagrams, a tree view or a grid-based editor, we've got you covered. You can choose between any of them at any time.
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Example of two editor types (grid and text-based DSL) to edit the same element

World-class generated code

Powerful, template based code generation framework

The code generation system is based on a series of tasks. You can easily control which code is generated, using templates which can be edited inside the designer. Of course all generated code is using partial classes and doesn't overwrite files which are meant to be edited by you.
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Source-code as if you wrote it, generated for you

The code generated by the designer is structured as you'd structure it yourself, with a file per class and class files grouped in namespaces. Every method and property is well documented using XML document tags and the code is properly formatted like a professional developer would do.

Class models designed for the target ORM

All code generated for the chosen O/R mapper is the code you'd write too for that O/R mapper: the code needed to utilize the ORM in full, no needless fluff. The class models generated use the patterns recommended for the target O/R mapper, and offer plenty of extension points.

Visual Studio ready

Generated code is properly organized in Visual Studio projects: one for domain specific classes and one for persistence oriented classes. The generated cs/vbproj files are updated when appropriate and loaded in your solution when using the designer inside Visual Studio.

A template and the generated result

Solid and reliable

Extensible and open

The Designer is fully extensible with your own plug-ins, code generator add-ons, templates, database drivers and more. All customers get full access to the sourcecode of many vital parts of the designer to adjust them to their specific needs, if required.

Designed to handle models with thousands of entities

Professional software projects often utilize large databases with large entity models. The LLBLGen Pro Designer is designed to handle these kinds of scenarios with ease. It offers various different ways to look at and work with the entity model so you're always in control over your entity model, no matter the size.

Fine-grained, real-time project validation

The designer validates the project, in real-time, on general mistakes and inconsistencies and uses plug-in based validators to validate the project specifically for the chosen target O/R mapper framework. This makes validation both flexible and extensible as the validators are available as C# sourcecode to customers.
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Proven technology

LLBLGen Pro is being used by thousands of companies around the world every day, from fortune 50 companies to single-person consultancy firms. Since its first release in 2003, LLBLGen Pro has proven to them to be a reliable and trustworthy partner in their software development process.

Real-time project validation and suggestions of how to fix the found errors


All the tools you need under one roof

The designer offers the complete toolset to get from database schema to working source-code or from entity model to working source-code and DDL SQL create / migrate scripts.
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Utilize multiple database types in one project

An LLBLGen Pro project can contain relational model data from multiple relational databases, while containing a single model mapped to the relational model data of each database type.
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All major databases are supported

All major relational databases are supported, and it is very easy to switch your model from e.g. Oracle to PostgreSql or SQL Server. The designer can deal with all database constructs and types, even UDTs.
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Use the .NET version, language and ORM you like

The Designer generates code in both C# and VB.NET, for .NET 4.5.x / 4.6.x / 4.7.x / 4.8.x, NET Standard 1.6, .NET Standard 2.0, .NET Standard 2.1, .NET 6, .NET 7 for the O/R mapper frameworks Entity Framework Core, Entity Framework, our own LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework, NHibernate and Linq to Sql. The choice is yours.

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