How to switch the target framework for a model

The Entity Model and each Derived Model require a target framework: an Entity Model requires one of the supported ORM Frameworks, a Derived Model requires one of the supported Derived Model frameworks. It might be at some point you want to switch a target framework for a model. Below is explained how you can do that.

If you decide to switch the target framework for your entity model or for a Derived Model, you can do so by right-clicking the target framework node in the Project Explorer right below the model you want to change the framework for. The target framework node uses the icon. The dialog which pops up contains all supported target frameworks for that model. By selecting a different target framework and clicking OK, you have effectively switched the project to a different target framework.

LLBLGen Pro will create a backup of the project prior to switching the model in question to a different target framework, so you can always go back to the previous version. Switching the target framework is an action which can't be undone in the designer by clicking Undo.

Switching the target framework changes the settings which are available to you. Settings which are shared among the frameworks will be available still, but settings which aren't available in the new framework will be discarded. Please use the Project Settings Editor and the editor of the various elements to examine whether you should set settings to a different value.

After switching a model to a different target framework it might be validation now produces errors and/or warnings, as not every target framework supports all the designer features. It's therefore key to perform a Project Validation action and to correct the errors found before continuing.

The code you previously generated using the previous target framework can't be used with the new target framework, you have to generate new code, using one of the presets available for the chosen target framework. It's recommended you generate this sourcecode in a new empty folder, so you can migrate back if necessary.