Designer requirements

LLBLGen Pro's designer needs the .NET framework v4.8.x. To run the designer inside Visual Studio, you need Visual Studio 2019 or Visual Studio 2022.

Database requirements

To be able to determine the complete schema and all the relationships inside it, LLBLGen Pro requires that the schemas have all the foreign key constraints and unique constraints necessary. If your schema doesn't have foreign key constraints, you can add these relationships manually in the designer.

The following list explains the requirements per supported database type.

Database Requirement
SQL Server
SQL Server / CE Desktop
No specific requirement
MS Access
MS Access 2000 or higher
No special requirements. For MS Access usage on x64 Windows systems, install the 64bit JET driver (MS Access 2007+) from Microsoft downloads
Oracle 9i or higher
To use Oracle 9i or higher with LLBLGen Pro, you need to have the following installed:
  • ODP.NET 10g or higher which is a free download from Oracle
  • Oracle client 10.0 or higher (which is a requirement for ODP.NET and is embedded in the ODP.NET installation)
PostgreSql 7.4 or higher
To use PostgreSql 7.4+ or higher with the LLBLGen Pro framework, you need to have Npgsql installed, preferably the latest version. For the designer, we ship the Npgsql version included in the installer.
Firebird 1.5.x or higher
To use Firebird 1.x or higher with LLBLGen Pro, you need to have the Firebird .NET client installed, preferably the latest version.
IBM DB2 7.x or higher (not on AS/400 / iSeries)
To use IBM DB2 UDB 7.x or higher with LLBLGen Pro, you need to have the following installed:
  • IBM DB2 .NET provider, which comes with the latest ClientAccess software for DB2. Click here to get to the download page for the DB2 runtime client lite which contains also the client and the .NET provider.
  • IBM DB2 Client Access, which contains the DB2 client and CLI interface
MySql 4.x or higher (using DevArt MySql .NET provider)
To use MySql 4.x or higher with LLBLGen Pro you need to have the DevArt MySqlConnect .NET provider v5.x or higher installed. The express version is sufficient for the designer, for .NET core you need the paid option.

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