Windows-based Line-of-Business apps with LLBLGen Pro

From scratch to code in no time.

The LLBLGen Pro Designer offers powerful tools to reverse-engineer an existing database to an entity model and generate ready-to-use code from that model. Alternatively, it provides a rich set of functionality to start from scratch and build an entity model and related database model with little effort. You can choose any of the supported O/R mapping frameworks: The LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework, Entity Framework (Full and Core), NHibernate or Linq to Sql.
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Data Scopes

The LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework supports Data Scopes, which make it extremely easy to work with entity objects in UIs: you just define which queries to run and bind the entity objects to the UI elements. Data Scopes take care of the rest: a single Unit of Work object, containing all changes to perform on the database, is returned, which you can commit in one go.
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Auditing, Authorization, Validation

The LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework offers transparent, fine-grained functionality for auditing, authorization and validation. This makes it very easy to apply set-and-forget auditing, authorization and validation, and not having to worry about whether it's active on a given action.
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Rich, databinding-aware object model

To be able to quickly make rich UIs in the Line-of-Business app you're building, it's crucial you can bind the entity objects and the collections they contain to your controls. The entity model offered by the LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework offers that, and more: a rich databinding-aware set of classes which perform change-tracking on the fly, offer view functionality in-memory and more.
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