Cloud-based apps with LLBLGen Pro

.NET Core / .NET 5+ support

The LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework supports .NET Core 2.x / .NET 5 or higher, which allows you to run your apps on the cloud platform of your choice, be it containerized, in VMs or otherwise. .NET Core 2.x / .NET 5 or higher removes the requirement to run on Windows: you can run your LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework powered application on any cloud, on any OS offered.

Low-memory footprint

Essential for cloud-based apps is a low-memory footprint. Due to years of optimization, LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework offers a very low memory footprint. At the same time there are no compromises in functionality: the wide spectrum of features available to you is the same as you'd use on .NET Full on Windows desktop.
Don't take our word for it! See for yourself.

High performance

The faster the framework you're using, the lower your monthly costs. This goes especially for cloud-based apps. The LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework is among the fastest O/R mapping frameworks available on .NET, regularly beating micro-ORMs in the process. With the variety of querying systems and tuning capabilities available to you, it's the best choice when performance is crucial.
Don't take our word for it! See for yourself.

Feature-rich, no compromises

O/R mapping frameworks like Entity Framework Core and micro-ORMs have to cut corners when it comes to reaching either high performance or a low-memory footprint or even being able to run on .NET Core at all. The LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework however offers all its features of the .NET Full variant on .NET Core / .NET 5+, with the high performance and low-memory footprint to boot. No compromises made, no corners cut: feature-rich without limitations.
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