ORM Profiler 2.0 beta has been released!

Back in 2012 we released a new tool called ORM Profiler. Now after almost 6 years we've released ORM Profiler 2.0 beta, and best of all: it's free for LLBLGen Pro subscribers! To gain insight in what's going on when you execute a Linq query through your favorite data access framework can be quite difficult but ORM Profiler makes that really easy.

All you need is just one line of code and your application or tests will send the profiling data to the ORM Profiler client. If you're an LLBLGen Pro subscriber you can download the ORM Profiler v2.0 beta today by going to the 'My Account' menu above and click on the 'ORM Profiler 2.0 beta' link.

For a more extensive overview of what ORM Profiler is, please see the ORM Profiler page on this site.

What's new?

ORM Profiler v2.0 brings the following new features / enhancements

  • .NET Core 2 support for all DbProviderFactory using data access frameworks, e.g. LLBLGen Pro v5.x.
  • New UI with themable controls
  • Performance improvements across the board.
  • Documentation is now done with DocNet
  • Profiler Client is now usable with an active LLBLGen Pro subscription and is now free for LLBLGen Pro users with an active subscription.
  • Many small issues fixed in the client.
  • Clean up of interceptors: There are now 3 interceptors: one for .NET Full, one for EF 6.x and one for .NET Core.

As always the interceptor dlls are on NuGet.

Happy profiling!

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