LLBLGen Pro v5.9 Beta has been released!

Today we've released LLBLGen Pro v5.9 BETA! We've added some great new features and corrected some mistakes.

What's new in the LLBLGen Pro Designer

Major changes / fixes / new features

  • Highlighting of related elements of a selected element. The designer will now highlight related elements (mapped targets, related entities, relationships using a field, etc.) for one or more selected elements in the project explorer or catalog explorer. More information
  • Entity Framework Core 6 is now a supported target framework. More information
  • .NET 6 is now a supported platform
  • Firebird 4.0 is now a supported database

Minor changes / new features

  • Arrays (one dimensional) are now a supported type on PostgreSQL. Supported with EF Core 3+ and LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework. More information
  • The Perform Tasks button is now the default button on the Sync tab, so you can press Enter right after the sync tab is opened
  • The Next button is now focused from the start in the Relational Model Data Retrieval Wizard when performing e.g. a sync with a relational database, so users can just press Enter to complete the wizard.
  • The Cycle validation in the entity model will now skip a relationship if the entities in the relationship have only mappings which have their Action combination set to a variant that doesn't create a new instance (So Retrieve/RetrieveUpdate/RetrieveUpdateDelete/RetrieveDelete).
  • .NET 4.8, .NETStandard 2.1 are now the defaults, where supported. This effectively means that using a target framework that supports only .NET Framework,
  • .NET 4.8 will be chosen as the default. If the target framework supports .NET Standard, .NET Standard 2.1 will be chosen. If the target framework supports .NET Framework
  • and .NET Standard, .NET Standard 2.1 will be chosen.
  • The designer now offers an opt-in setting for syncing Derived Element names with the names of the elements they're derived from automatically. More information
  • Entity Framework Core 5+: nullable reference type support (for .NET 5+) More information
  • The PostgreSQL driver now includes the Npgsql ADO.NET provider that works without problems. There's no need to install an ADO.NET provider for PostgreSQL for the designer. More information


  • Fixed: The Project Explorer and Catalog Explorer's rendering wasn't optimal.
  • Fixed: Entities which are marked as readonly shouldn't be causing a cycle warning

What's new in the LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework

New functionality / changes

  • Ability to create a Linq query or QuerySpec query by wrapping a plain SQL query. Linq, QuerySpec
  • WITH TIES support for queries with row limits set. Linq, QuerySpec
  • Firebird 4.0 support More information
  • New .NET 6 specific IQueryable method implementations are added (ExceptBy/IntersectBy, First/Single/LastOrDefault with a default value specified, MaxBy/MinBy), as well as implementations of some IQueryable methods which were previously not supported (Last/LastOrDefault, Reverse) More information
  • Derived Model projections: it's now possible to adjust generated projections in code. More information
  • Arrays (one-dimensional) are now a supported type on PostgreSQL More information
  • Runtime no longer creates dummy entity instances on the fly for query creation. Instead it now re-uses cached dummy entity instances, which should make query creation more efficient.
  • The default target platform for LLBLGen Pro is now .netstandard 2.1
  • The PostgreSQL and Oracle ODP.NET DQE's now have a static flag, available in the DynamicQueryEngine class: AlwaysWrapFieldAliasesInDoubleQuotes which is false by default, and which can be used to make the DQE always wrap aliases in double quotes, even if CaseInsensitiveNames is set to true. Use this to avoid having aliases which are reserved words to cause query failure when CaseInsensitiveNames is set to true.


  • Fixed: A linq query which results in a scalar query call loses any query hint specifications

How to get the bits?

If you have an active subscription, please go to 'My Account' in the menu and in the v5.9 download section, you'll find the LLBLGen Pro v5.9 beta installer.


For feedback/bug reports, please open a new thread in the Beta forum

Enjoy and stay safe!

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