Guidelines for asking a question / reporting an issue

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Below are essential points for asking a question / reporting an issue on this forum. If you don't give the information enlisted in these points, your question will likely be answered first with a request for this information. So it's essential to follow these points. If you refuse to obey to these points, we'll likely delay answering your question by answering other questions first.

  • Post the LLBLGen Pro version + buildnr. The LLBLGen Pro version and buildnr are retrievable from the window title bar of the designer or from the About box of the designer
  • When it's a problem occuring at runtime, post the Runtime library version. The runtime library version is obtainable by rightclicking the SD.LLBLGen.Pro.ORMSupportClasses.NETxy.dll in windows explorer and then by selecting properties and the version tab. For versions v4.x and lower: the version is then enlisted at the top as the fileversion. It has the typical format as 2.0.0.YYMMDD, or starting in 2007, the format v.0.YY.MMDD, where 'v' is the version number, e.g. '3'. For versions v5.x and higher, it's in the format 5.x.y, e.g. 5.1.2.
  • When an exception is thrown, post the stacktrace. An exception without a stacktrace is worthless. We can't help you if you don't post the stacktrace.
  • Post the template group + .NET version you're using. It's essential for us that you specify if you use Adapter or Selfservicing and also which .NET version.
  • Post the database type and version you're using. In most cases, it's essential for us to know which database you're using. So please specify which database type and also what version, e.g. SqlServer 2000 or Oracle 9i, you're using. Also specify which provider you're using, if it's a third party one and which version (e.g. Oracle's ODP.NET 10g v2 instead of the standard ODP.NET 10g
  • Post real code. ALWAYS post real code when you want to illustrate where something went wrong. We can't work with code which contains obfuscated or cooked up names. If you can't post real code because it is violating an NDA, you've to mention this in your post
  • Explain inheritance hierachies. If the entity or the entities involved in the issue/question are in an inheritance hierarchy, please explain these hierarchies and the type of the hierarchy
  • If you're using custom made templates, please explain these as well. If you're using altered templates, please state so so we don't try to repro it with the standard templates.
  • Don't hijack other/old threads. If you have a related issue to an old thread, still post a new thread. You can refer to the other thread if you want, but often the issue isn't as related as you might think and the old thread might be very long or outdated and it costs us more time to understand your question as we've to re-understand the old thread And of course, supply as much information as possible. We don't have your code / project in front of us. So if you want a quick answer, we need all the information we need to reproduce the issue or understand the question.
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