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Welcome to HnD! HnD is a forum system focussed on Q & A. It works the same as most other forums on the internet. Please see the sections below for the questions you might have.


To be able to start a new thread or post a message you have to Register an account. After you've received your email with your password, you can Log in and post a message. Non-logged in users are able to visit some forums and see some messages but aren't able to interact with content nor add new messages nor threads.

Writing content

Messages are written in Markdown. HnD uses the Markdown engine of DocNet, with a couple of extensions specifically for forum usage. The Markdown engine will convert all HTML in-lined in the markdown input to plain text.

Basic markdown

The basic markdown from Gruber is supported in full:

Additionally PHP Markdown Extra is supported. PHP Markdown Extra comes with a set of neat extensions for markdown to define e.g. tables, footnotes and more. Please see the link above for all the syntax examples.

A couple of examples are given below


HnD supports Footnotes, which can be added through the following system: To specify a footnote marker, specify [^1], which will result in:1

The actual footnote text is then specified with [^1]: following the text of the actual footnote. Click on the superscript 1 link above to go to the footnote rendered at the bottom of this page.

Definition lists

To specify simple definition lists, simply do:

Item one
:   this is the description of item one

Item Two
:   this is the text of item 2

which results in:

Item one
this is the description of item one
Item Two
this is the text of item 2

There's basic support for defining tables.


Bongo|Bongo... it's a strange color, do you have a minute? It's a bit like the sea, 
but also a bit like the beach. 

results in:

Fruit Color
Apples Red
Pears Green
Bananas Yellow
Bongo Bongo... it's a strange color, do you have a minute? It's a bit like the sea, but also a bit like the beach.
Special attributes

HnD supports special attributes for Links and Images. Currently this is supported on normal links/image specifications only, e.g.:

![id text](imageurl){.cssclass1 .cssclass2 #idvalue name=value}

which will result in:

<img src="imageurl" alt="id text" id="idvalue" class="cssclass1 cssclass2" name="value" />
Image rendering

By default images have no special rendering applied to them. To apply a shadow, specify '.shadowed' as css class in a special attribute specification. If you want to have an image rendered with a note below it, simply specify a title for the image:

![alttext](mypicture.jpg "this is a picture"){.shadowed}

will be rendered as:

<div class="figure">
<img src="mypicture.jpg" alt="alttext" class="shadowed" title="this is a picture" />
<p>this is a picture</p>

There's also support for abbreviations, using the <abbr> HTML tag.


*[MyTerm]: This is my term

gives an abbreviation link in the following sentence: This is a test for abbreviations: MyTerm.

Highlighting code

The markdown parser has been extended with GitHub code specifications, so it's easy to specify a specific code beautifying based on a language. This feature uses the Highlight.js javascript library and most popular languages are included.

Example: to specify a codeblock as C#, append cs after the first ``` marker:

var i=42;

will become:

var i=42;
To specify in-line code, wrap the word or small sentence in `. Links shorthand To formulate a link without a descriptive text, wrap the link in < >. Example:
will become:

DocNet markdown extensions

HnD defines the following markdown extensions, borrowed from DocNet:

Alert boxes

To quickly define alert boxes, HnD defines the @alert element. Three types of alerts are defined: danger (displayed in red), warning or important (displayed in yellow) and info or neutral, which is displayed in blue. You specify the type of the alert after the @alert statement using @alert name. Close the @alert with @end.

Below are examples for each alert box and the markdown used to create them.

The markdown:

@alert danger
This is a dangerous text, it will be displayed in a danger alert box!

results in


This is a dangerous text, it will be displayed in a danger alert box!

The markdown:

@alert warning
This is a warning text, it will be displayed in a warning alert box!

results in


This is a warning text, it will be displayed in a warning alert box!

The markdown:

@alert important
This is an important text, it will be displayed in a warning/important alert box!

results in


This is an important text, it will be displayed in a warning/important alert box!

The markdown:

@alert info
This is an info text, it will be displayed in an info alert box!

Results in


This is an info text, it will be displayed in an info alert box!

The markdown:

@alert tip
This is a tip! It will be displayed in a tip alert box!

Results in


This is a tip! It will be displayed in a tip alert box!

Font Awesome icons

To specify a font-awesome icon, use @fa-iconname, where iconname is the name of the font-awesome icon.

Example: To specify the font awesome icon for a car, use @fa-car, which will result in:
Only solid font-awesome icons are supported, from the 'free, solid' batch, so the ones with 'fas' as prefix.


It's easy with HnD to add a tab control with one or more tabs to the HTML with a simple set of markdown statements. The tab statements are converted into pure CSS3/HTML tabs, based on the work of Joseph Fusco.

To start a Tab control, start with @tabs and end the tabs definition with @endtabs. Between those two statements, which each need to be suffixed with a newline, you define one or more tabs using @tab followed by the label text for that tab, followed by a newline. End your tab contents with @end.

The following example shows two tabs, one with label 'First Tab' and one with 'Second Tab':

@tab First Tab
This is the text for the first tab. It's nothing special

As you can see, it can deal with newlines as well. 
@tab Second Tab
Now, the second tab however is very interesting. At least let's pretend it is!

will result in:

This is the text for the first tab. It's nothing special

As you can see, it can deal with newlines as well.

Now, the second tab however is very interesting. At least let's pretend it is!

HnD markdown extensions

For forum specific tasks, HnD defines a couple of extensions, again using the @ character as prefix.

Quoting a block of text

To quote a block of text, use the @quote element, followed by the text and at the end use a @end element. To refer to a nickname, specify an optional nickname after @quote. Example:

@quote Admin
Please behave yourselves!
We'll do that!
will result in:

Admin wrote:

Please behave yourselves!

We'll do that!

Specifying offtopic text

To specify some text as offtopic, first specify an @offtopic element, followed by the offtopic text, and ending it with @end The offtopic text will be rendered smaller and with a lighter font

Supported emoji's

HnD supports emoji's and smilies. It has a set of shorthands for regular smilies which were used in the older HnD versions as well. Additionally it has support for an extensive set of emoji's using the :emojiname: markdown.

Markdown Emoji
:) simple_smile
:( rage
:? confused
8) sunglasses
:/ disappointed
:! flushed
:D smile
;( cry
:o frowning
:P stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye
;) wink
:+1: +1
:-1: -1
:100: 100
:1234: 1234
:8ball: 8ball
:a: a
:ab: ab
:abc: abc
:abcd: abcd
:accept: accept
:aerial_tramway: aerial_tramway
:airplane: airplane
:alarm_clock: alarm_clock
:alien: alien
:ambulance: ambulance
:anchor: anchor
:angel: angel
:anger: anger
:angry: angry
:anguished: anguished
:ant: ant
:apple: apple
:aquarius: aquarius
:aries: aries
:arrows_clockwise: arrows_clockwise
:arrows_counterclockwise: arrows_counterclockwise
:arrow_backward: arrow_backward
:arrow_double_down: arrow_double_down
:arrow_double_up: arrow_double_up
:arrow_down: arrow_down
:arrow_down_small: arrow_down_small
:arrow_forward: arrow_forward
:arrow_heading_down: arrow_heading_down
:arrow_heading_up: arrow_heading_up
:arrow_left: arrow_left
:arrow_lower_left: arrow_lower_left
:arrow_lower_right: arrow_lower_right
:arrow_right: arrow_right
:arrow_right_hook: arrow_right_hook
:arrow_up: arrow_up
:arrow_upper_left: arrow_upper_left
:arrow_upper_right: arrow_upper_right
:arrow_up_down: arrow_up_down
:arrow_up_small: arrow_up_small
:art: art
:articulated_lorry: articulated_lorry
:astonished: astonished
:atm: atm
:b: b
:baby: baby
:baby_bottle: baby_bottle
:baby_chick: baby_chick
:baby_symbol: baby_symbol
:back: back
:baggage_claim: baggage_claim
:balloon: balloon
:ballot_box_with_check: ballot_box_with_check
:bamboo: bamboo
:banana: banana
:bangbang: bangbang
:bank: bank
:barber: barber
:bar_chart: bar_chart
:baseball: baseball
:basketball: basketball
:bath: bath
:bathtub: bathtub
:battery: battery
:bear: bear
:bee: bee
:beer: beer
:beers: beers
:beetle: beetle
:beginner: beginner
:bell: bell
:bento: bento
:bicyclist: bicyclist
:bike: bike
:bikini: bikini
:bird: bird
:birthday: birthday
:black_circle: black_circle
:black_joker: black_joker
:black_medium_small_square: black_medium_small_square
:black_medium_square: black_medium_square
:black_nib: black_nib
:black_small_square: black_small_square
:black_square: black_square
:black_square_button: black_square_button
:blossom: blossom
:blowfish: blowfish
:blue_book: blue_book
:blue_car: blue_car
:blue_heart: blue_heart
:blush: blush
:boar: boar
:boat: boat
:bomb: bomb
:book: book
:bookmark: bookmark
:bookmark_tabs: bookmark_tabs
:books: books
:boom: boom
:boot: boot
:bouquet: bouquet
:bow: bow
:bowling: bowling
:bowtie: bowtie
:boy: boy
:bread: bread
:bride_with_veil: bride_with_veil
:bridge_at_night: bridge_at_night
:briefcase: briefcase
:broken_heart: broken_heart
:bug: bug
:bulb: bulb
:bullettrain_front: bullettrain_front
:bullettrain_side: bullettrain_side
:bus: bus
:busstop: busstop
:busts_in_silhouette: busts_in_silhouette
:bust_in_silhouette: bust_in_silhouette
:cactus: cactus
:cake: cake
:calendar: calendar
:calling: calling
:camel: camel
:camera: camera
:cancer: cancer
:candy: candy
:capital_abcd: capital_abcd
:capricorn: capricorn
:car: car
:card_index: card_index
:carousel_horse: carousel_horse
:cat: cat
:cat2: cat2
:cd: cd
:chart: chart
:chart_with_downwards_trend: chart_with_downwards_trend
:chart_with_upwards_trend: chart_with_upwards_trend
:checkered_flag: checkered_flag
:cherries: cherries
:cherry_blossom: cherry_blossom
:chestnut: chestnut
:chicken: chicken
:children_crossing: children_crossing
:chocolate_bar: chocolate_bar
:christmas_tree: christmas_tree
:church: church
:cinema: cinema
:circus_tent: circus_tent
:city_sunrise: city_sunrise
:city_sunset: city_sunset
:cl: cl
:clap: clap
:clapper: clapper
:clipboard: clipboard
:clock1: clock1
:clock10: clock10
:clock1030: clock1030
:clock11: clock11
:clock1130: clock1130
:clock12: clock12
:clock1230: clock1230
:clock130: clock130
:clock2: clock2
:clock230: clock230
:clock3: clock3
:clock330: clock330
:clock4: clock4
:clock430: clock430
:clock5: clock5
:clock530: clock530
:clock6: clock6
:clock630: clock630
:clock7: clock7
:clock730: clock730
:clock8: clock8
:clock830: clock830
:clock9: clock9
:clock930: clock930
:closed_book: closed_book
:closed_lock_with_key: closed_lock_with_key
:closed_umbrella: closed_umbrella
:cloud: cloud
:clubs: clubs
:cn: cn
:cocktail: cocktail
:coffee: coffee
:cold_sweat: cold_sweat
:collision: collision
:computer: computer
:confetti_ball: confetti_ball
:confounded: confounded
:confused: confused
:congratulations: congratulations
:construction: construction
:construction_worker: construction_worker
:convenience_store: convenience_store
:cookie: cookie
:cool: cool
:cop: cop
:copyright: copyright
:corn: corn
:couple: couple
:couplekiss: couplekiss
:couple_with_heart: couple_with_heart
:cow: cow
:cow2: cow2
:credit_card: credit_card
:crescent_moon: crescent_moon
:crocodile: crocodile
:crossed_flags: crossed_flags
:crown: crown
:cry: cry
:crying_cat_face: crying_cat_face
:crystal_ball: crystal_ball
:cupid: cupid
:curly_loop: curly_loop
:currency_exchange: currency_exchange
:curry: curry
:custard: custard
:customs: customs
:cyclone: cyclone
:dancer: dancer
:dancers: dancers
:dango: dango
:dart: dart
:dash: dash
:date: date
:de: de
:deciduous_tree: deciduous_tree
:department_store: department_store
:diamonds: diamonds
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside
:disappointed: disappointed
:disappointed_relieved: disappointed_relieved
:dizzy: dizzy
:dizzy_face: dizzy_face
:dog: dog
:dog2: dog2
:dollar: dollar
:dolls: dolls
:dolphin: dolphin
:donut: donut
:door: door
:doughnut: doughnut
:do_not_litter: do_not_litter
:dragon: dragon
:dragon_face: dragon_face
:dress: dress
:dromedary_camel: dromedary_camel
:droplet: droplet
:dvd: dvd
:e-mail: e-mail
:ear: ear
:earth_africa: earth_africa
:earth_americas: earth_americas
:earth_asia: earth_asia
:ear_of_rice: ear_of_rice
:egg: egg
:eggplant: eggplant
:eight: eight
:eight_pointed_black_star: eight_pointed_black_star
:eight_spoked_asterisk: eight_spoked_asterisk
:electric_plug: electric_plug
:elephant: elephant
:email: email
:end: end
:envelope: envelope
:es: es
:euro: euro
:european_castle: european_castle
:european_post_office: european_post_office
:evergreen_tree: evergreen_tree
:exclamation: exclamation
:expressionless: expressionless
:eyeglasses: eyeglasses
:eyes: eyes
:facepunch: facepunch
:factory: factory
:fallen_leaf: fallen_leaf
:family: family
:fast_forward: fast_forward
:fax: fax
:fearful: fearful
:feelsgood: feelsgood
:feet: feet
:ferris_wheel: ferris_wheel
:file_folder: file_folder
:finnadie: finnadie
:fire: fire
:fireworks: fireworks
:fire_engine: fire_engine
:first_quarter_moon: first_quarter_moon
:first_quarter_moon_with_face: first_quarter_moon_with_face
:fish: fish
:fishing_pole_and_fish: fishing_pole_and_fish
:fish_cake: fish_cake
:fist: fist
:five: five
:flags: flags
:flashlight: flashlight
:floppy_disk: floppy_disk
:flower_playing_cards: flower_playing_cards
:flushed: flushed
:foggy: foggy
:football: football
:fork_and_knife: fork_and_knife
:fountain: fountain
:four: four
:four_leaf_clover: four_leaf_clover
:fr: fr
:free: free
:fried_shrimp: fried_shrimp
:fries: fries
:frog: frog
:frowning: frowning
:fu: fu
:fuelpump: fuelpump
:full_moon: full_moon
:full_moon_with_face: full_moon_with_face
:game_die: game_die
:gb: gb
:gem: gem
:gemini: gemini
:ghost: ghost
:gift: gift
:gift_heart: gift_heart
:girl: girl
:globe_with_meridians: globe_with_meridians
:goat: goat
:goberserk: goberserk
:godmode: godmode
:golf: golf
:grapes: grapes
:green_apple: green_apple
:green_book: green_book
:green_heart: green_heart
:grey_exclamation: grey_exclamation
:grey_question: grey_question
:grimacing: grimacing
:grin: grin
:grinning: grinning
:guardsman: guardsman
:guitar: guitar
:gun: gun
:haircut: haircut
:hamburger: hamburger
:hammer: hammer
:hamster: hamster
:hand: hand
:handbag: handbag
:hankey: hankey
:hash: hash
:hatched_chick: hatched_chick
:hatching_chick: hatching_chick
:headphones: headphones
:heart: heart
:heartbeat: heartbeat
:heartpulse: heartpulse
:hearts: hearts
:heart_decoration: heart_decoration
:heart_eyes: heart_eyes
:heart_eyes_cat: heart_eyes_cat
:hear_no_evil: hear_no_evil
:heavy_check_mark: heavy_check_mark
:heavy_division_sign: heavy_division_sign
:heavy_dollar_sign: heavy_dollar_sign
:heavy_exclamation_mark: heavy_exclamation_mark
:heavy_minus_sign: heavy_minus_sign
:heavy_multiplication_x: heavy_multiplication_x
:heavy_plus_sign: heavy_plus_sign
:helicopter: helicopter
:herb: herb
:hibiscus: hibiscus
:high_brightness: high_brightness
:high_heel: high_heel
:hocho: hocho
:honeybee: honeybee
:honey_pot: honey_pot
:horse: horse
:horse_racing: horse_racing
:hospital: hospital
:hotel: hotel
:hotsprings: hotsprings
:hourglass: hourglass
:hourglass_flowing_sand: hourglass_flowing_sand
:house: house
:house_with_garden: house_with_garden
:hurtrealbad: hurtrealbad
:hushed: hushed
:icecream: icecream
:ice_cream: ice_cream
:id: id
:ideograph_advantage: ideograph_advantage
:imp: imp
:inbox_tray: inbox_tray
:incoming_envelope: incoming_envelope
:information_desk_person: information_desk_person
:information_source: information_source
:innocent: innocent
:interrobang: interrobang
:iphone: iphone
:it: it
:izakaya_lantern: izakaya_lantern
:jack_o_lantern: jack_o_lantern
:japan: japan
:japanese_castle: japanese_castle
:japanese_goblin: japanese_goblin
:japanese_ogre: japanese_ogre
:jeans: jeans
:joy: joy
:joy_cat: joy_cat
:jp: jp
:key: key
:keycap_ten: keycap_ten
:kimono: kimono
:kiss: kiss
:kissing: kissing
:kissing_cat: kissing_cat
:kissing_closed_eyes: kissing_closed_eyes
:kissing_face: kissing_face
:kissing_heart: kissing_heart
:kissing_smiling_eyes: kissing_smiling_eyes
:koala: koala
:koko: koko
:kr: kr
:large_blue_circle: large_blue_circle
:large_blue_diamond: large_blue_diamond
:large_orange_diamond: large_orange_diamond
:last_quarter_moon: last_quarter_moon
:last_quarter_moon_with_face: last_quarter_moon_with_face
:laughing: laughing
:leaves: leaves
Markdown Emoji
:ledger: ledger
:leftwards_arrow_with_hook: leftwards_arrow_with_hook
:left_luggage: left_luggage
:left_right_arrow: left_right_arrow
:lemon: lemon
:leo: leo
:leopard: leopard
:libra: libra
:light_rail: light_rail
:link: link
:lips: lips
:lipstick: lipstick
:lock: lock
:lock_with_ink_pen: lock_with_ink_pen
:lollipop: lollipop
:loop: loop
:loudspeaker: loudspeaker
:love_hotel: love_hotel
:love_letter: love_letter
:low_brightness: low_brightness
:m: m
:mag: mag
:mag_right: mag_right
:mahjong: mahjong
:mailbox: mailbox
:mailbox_closed: mailbox_closed
:mailbox_with_mail: mailbox_with_mail
:mailbox_with_no_mail: mailbox_with_no_mail
:man: man
:mans_shoe: mans_shoe
:man_with_gua_pi_mao: man_with_gua_pi_mao
:man_with_turban: man_with_turban
:maple_leaf: maple_leaf
:mask: mask
:massage: massage
:meat_on_bone: meat_on_bone
:mega: mega
:melon: melon
:memo: memo
:mens: mens
:metal: metal
:metro: metro
:microphone: microphone
:microscope: microscope
:milky_way: milky_way
:minibus: minibus
:minidisc: minidisc
:mobile_phone_off: mobile_phone_off
:moneybag: moneybag
:money_with_wings: money_with_wings
:monkey: monkey
:monkey_face: monkey_face
:monorail: monorail
:mortar_board: mortar_board
:mountain_bicyclist: mountain_bicyclist
:mountain_cableway: mountain_cableway
:mountain_railway: mountain_railway
:mount_fuji: mount_fuji
:mouse: mouse
:mouse2: mouse2
:movie_camera: movie_camera
:moyai: moyai
:muscle: muscle
:mushroom: mushroom
:musical_keyboard: musical_keyboard
:musical_note: musical_note
:musical_score: musical_score
:mute: mute
:nail_care: nail_care
:name_badge: name_badge
:neckbeard: neckbeard
:necktie: necktie
:negative_squared_cross_mark: negative_squared_cross_mark
:neutral_face: neutral_face
:new: new
:newspaper: newspaper
:new_moon: new_moon
:new_moon_with_face: new_moon_with_face
:ng: ng
:nine: nine
:non-potable_water: non-potable_water
:nose: nose
:notebook: notebook
:notebook_with_decorative_cover: notebook_with_decorative_cover
:notes: notes
:no_bell: no_bell
:no_bicycles: no_bicycles
:no_entry: no_entry
:no_entry_sign: no_entry_sign
:no_good: no_good
:no_mobile_phones: no_mobile_phones
:no_mouth: no_mouth
:no_pedestrians: no_pedestrians
:no_smoking: no_smoking
:nut_and_bolt: nut_and_bolt
:o: o
:o2: o2
:ocean: ocean
:octocat: octocat
:octopus: octopus
:oden: oden
:office: office
:ok: ok
:ok_hand: ok_hand
:ok_woman: ok_woman
:older_man: older_man
:older_woman: older_woman
:on: on
:oncoming_automobile: oncoming_automobile
:oncoming_bus: oncoming_bus
:oncoming_police_car: oncoming_police_car
:oncoming_taxi: oncoming_taxi
:one: one
:open_file_folder: open_file_folder
:open_hands: open_hands
:open_mouth: open_mouth
:ophiuchus: ophiuchus
:orange_book: orange_book
:outbox_tray: outbox_tray
:ox: ox
:package: package
:pager: pager
:page_facing_up: page_facing_up
:page_with_curl: page_with_curl
:palm_tree: palm_tree
:panda_face: panda_face
:paperclip: paperclip
:parking: parking
:partly_sunny: partly_sunny
:part_alternation_mark: part_alternation_mark
:passport_control: passport_control
:paw_prints: paw_prints
:peach: peach
:pear: pear
:pencil: pencil
:pencil2: pencil2
:penguin: penguin
:pensive: pensive
:performing_arts: performing_arts
:persevere: persevere
:person_frowning: person_frowning
:person_with_blond_hair: person_with_blond_hair
:person_with_pouting_face: person_with_pouting_face
:phone: phone
:pig: pig
:pig2: pig2
:pig_nose: pig_nose
:pill: pill
:pineapple: pineapple
:pisces: pisces
:pizza: pizza
:plus1: plus1
:point_down: point_down
:point_left: point_left
:point_right: point_right
:point_up: point_up
:point_up_2: point_up_2
:police_car: police_car
:poodle: poodle
:poop: poop
:postal_horn: postal_horn
:postbox: postbox
:post_office: post_office
:potable_water: potable_water
:pouch: pouch
:poultry_leg: poultry_leg
:pound: pound
:pouting_cat: pouting_cat
:pray: pray
:princess: princess
:punch: punch
:purple_heart: purple_heart
:purse: purse
:pushpin: pushpin
:put_litter_in_its_place: put_litter_in_its_place
:question: question
:rabbit: rabbit
:rabbit2: rabbit2
:racehorse: racehorse
:radio: radio
:radio_button: radio_button
:rage: rage
:rage1: rage1
:rage2: rage2
:rage3: rage3
:rage4: rage4
:railway_car: railway_car
:rainbow: rainbow
:raised_hand: raised_hand
:raised_hands: raised_hands
:raising_hand: raising_hand
:ram: ram
:ramen: ramen
:rat: rat
:recycle: recycle
:red_car: red_car
:red_circle: red_circle
:registered: registered
:relaxed: relaxed
:relieved: relieved
:repeat: repeat
:repeat_one: repeat_one
:restroom: restroom
:revolving_hearts: revolving_hearts
:rewind: rewind
:ribbon: ribbon
:rice: rice
:rice_ball: rice_ball
:rice_cracker: rice_cracker
:rice_scene: rice_scene
:ring: ring
:rocket: rocket
:roller_coaster: roller_coaster
:rooster: rooster
:rose: rose
:rotating_light: rotating_light
:round_pushpin: round_pushpin
:rowboat: rowboat
:ru: ru
:rugby_football: rugby_football
:runner: runner
:running: running
:running_shirt_with_sash: running_shirt_with_sash
:sa: sa
:sagittarius: sagittarius
:sailboat: sailboat
:sake: sake
:sandal: sandal
:santa: santa
:satellite: satellite
:satisfied: satisfied
:saxophone: saxophone
:school: school
:school_satchel: school_satchel
:scissors: scissors
:scorpius: scorpius
:scream: scream
:scream_cat: scream_cat
:scroll: scroll
:seat: seat
:secret: secret
:seedling: seedling
:see_no_evil: see_no_evil
:seven: seven
:shaved_ice: shaved_ice
:sheep: sheep
:shell: shell
:ship: ship
:shipit: shipit
:shirt: shirt
:shit: shit
:shoe: shoe
:shower: shower
:signal_strength: signal_strength
:simple_smile: simple_smile
:six: six
:six_pointed_star: six_pointed_star
:ski: ski
:skull: skull
:sleeping: sleeping
:sleepy: sleepy
:slot_machine: slot_machine
:small_blue_diamond: small_blue_diamond
:small_orange_diamond: small_orange_diamond
:small_red_triangle: small_red_triangle
:small_red_triangle_down: small_red_triangle_down
:smile: smile
:smiley: smiley
:smiley_cat: smiley_cat
:smile_cat: smile_cat
:smiling_imp: smiling_imp
:smirk: smirk
:smirk_cat: smirk_cat
:smoking: smoking
:snail: snail
:snake: snake
:snowboarder: snowboarder
:snowflake: snowflake
:snowman: snowman
:sob: sob
:soccer: soccer
:soon: soon
:sos: sos
:sound: sound
:space_invader: space_invader
:spades: spades
:spaghetti: spaghetti
:sparkle: sparkle
:sparkler: sparkler
:sparkles: sparkles
:sparkling_heart: sparkling_heart
:speaker: speaker
:speak_no_evil: speak_no_evil
:speech_balloon: speech_balloon
:speedboat: speedboat
:squirrel: squirrel
:star: star
:star2: star2
:stars: stars
:station: station
:statue_of_liberty: statue_of_liberty
:steam_locomotive: steam_locomotive
:stew: stew
:straight_ruler: straight_ruler
:strawberry: strawberry
:stuck_out_tongue: stuck_out_tongue
:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes
:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye
:sunflower: sunflower
:sunglasses: sunglasses
:sunny: sunny
:sunrise: sunrise
:sunrise_over_mountains: sunrise_over_mountains
:sun_with_face: sun_with_face
:surfer: surfer
:sushi: sushi
:suspect: suspect
:suspension_railway: suspension_railway
:sweat: sweat
:sweat_drops: sweat_drops
:sweat_smile: sweat_smile
:sweet_potato: sweet_potato
:swimmer: swimmer
:symbols: symbols
:syringe: syringe
:tada: tada
:tanabata_tree: tanabata_tree
:tangerine: tangerine
:taurus: taurus
:taxi: taxi
:tea: tea
:telephone: telephone
:telephone_receiver: telephone_receiver
:telescope: telescope
:tennis: tennis
:tent: tent
:thought_balloon: thought_balloon
:three: three
:thumbsdown: thumbsdown
:thumbsup: thumbsup
:ticket: ticket
:tiger: tiger
:tiger2: tiger2
:tired_face: tired_face
:tm: tm
:toilet: toilet
:tokyo_tower: tokyo_tower
:tomato: tomato
:tongue: tongue
:top: top
:tophat: tophat
:tractor: tractor
:traffic_light: traffic_light
:train: train
:train2: train2
:tram: tram
:triangular_flag_on_post: triangular_flag_on_post
:triangular_ruler: triangular_ruler
:trident: trident
:triumph: triumph
:trolleybus: trolleybus
:trollface: trollface
:trophy: trophy
:tropical_drink: tropical_drink
:tropical_fish: tropical_fish
:truck: truck
:trumpet: trumpet
:tshirt: tshirt
:tulip: tulip
:turtle: turtle
:tv: tv
:twisted_rightwards_arrows: twisted_rightwards_arrows
:two: two
:two_hearts: two_hearts
:two_men_holding_hands: two_men_holding_hands
:two_women_holding_hands: two_women_holding_hands
:u5272: u5272
:u5408: u5408
:u55b6: u55b6
:u6307: u6307
:u6708: u6708
:u6709: u6709
:u6e80: u6e80
:u7121: u7121
:u7533: u7533
:u7981: u7981
:u7a7a: u7a7a
:uk: uk
:umbrella: umbrella
:unamused: unamused
:underage: underage
:unlock: unlock
:up: up
:us: us
:v: v
:vertical_traffic_light: vertical_traffic_light
:vhs: vhs
:vibration_mode: vibration_mode
:video_camera: video_camera
:video_game: video_game
:violin: violin
:virgo: virgo
:volcano: volcano
:vs: vs
:walking: walking
:waning_crescent_moon: waning_crescent_moon
:waning_gibbous_moon: waning_gibbous_moon
:warning: warning
:watch: watch
:watermelon: watermelon
:water_buffalo: water_buffalo
:wave: wave
:wavy_dash: wavy_dash
:waxing_crescent_moon: waxing_crescent_moon
:waxing_gibbous_moon: waxing_gibbous_moon
:wc: wc
:weary: weary
:wedding: wedding
:whale: whale
:whale2: whale2
:wheelchair: wheelchair
:white_check_mark: white_check_mark
:white_circle: white_circle
:white_flower: white_flower
:white_large_square: white_large_square
:white_medium_small_square: white_medium_small_square
:white_medium_square: white_medium_square
:white_small_square: white_small_square
:white_square_button: white_square_button
:wind_chime: wind_chime
:wine_glass: wine_glass
:wink: wink
:wolf: wolf
:woman: woman
:womans_clothes: womans_clothes
:womans_hat: womans_hat
:womens: womens
:worried: worried
:wrench: wrench
:x: x
:yellow_heart: yellow_heart
:yen: yen
:yum: yum
:zap: zap
:zero: zero
:zzz: zzz