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Here you can search all messages on this forum using advanced controls. For a more in-depth help about the search, see below.


Search Help

Above you can specify your search query, which element to search and in which forums you want to search. If you do not select a forum, all forums are searched. You can specify 'AND', 'OR', 'AND NOT' and 'OR NOT' to specify your query arguments. If no operator is specified, AND is assumed, so you don't have to specify it explicitly. Specifying 'OR' will search for either of the two terms it's placed in between.

This searchengine uses SQL Server full text search together with LLBLGen Pro code to search through the 143134 posts on this forum, using CONTAINS queries. The forum search engine therefore accepts queries which are valid CONTAINS queries. Below is a brief help on the basic syntaxis of CONTAINS queries. You can also consult the CONTAINS reference documentation in SQL Server Books Online for the exact syntax for CONTAINS queries.

The search engine will at most return 500 hits. If you receive 500 hits, please refine your query. A search in both message text and thread subject will likely result in more results and this search is also slower.

Query syntaxis

You can use exact index searching by specifying the terms you're looking for, like Entity or Prefetch, which will exactly match with Entity and Prefetch. If you want to use wild-cards, you can. For example Entity* will match with Entity but also with EntityClass, EntityMethod but not with MyEntity. To find MyEntity as well, specify *Entity*.

You can also use phrases, to search for "Entity Collection" for example. Simply enclose any text that you want to search for which contains spaces with double quotes. To search for a word near another word, you can use the keyword 'NEAR': Entity NEAR collection, which search for 'Entity' and 'Collection', and will favor messages which contain these words closer together over messages which have these words far apart from eachother.

The search results consists of links to threads with messages matching the search query. All threads open in a new window. At most 500 threads are made available to you in the search result page. In the case of a lot of search results, you're adviced to specify more search terms to narrow down the resultset. The search is case-insensitive.


  • Prefetch AND Path (which results in all messages with 'Prefetch' and 'Path') Equals to: Prefetch Path
  • Prefetch OR Path (which results in all messages with 'Prefetch' or 'Path' or both)
  • Prefetch Path* (which results in all messages with 'Prefetch' and all known words starting with 'Path')
  • Entity Prefetch OR Path (which results in all messages with 'Entity', and either 'Prefetch' or 'Path' or both)
  • "Entity Collection" (which results in all messages with 'Entity Collection', including the space)

Note: The search engine uses a list of words which are ignored. If you perform a search with a reserved word and the AND operator, no rows are returned, as it will not return in any hits.