Add custom default values for additionalTasksFolder and additionalTemplatesFolder

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LLBL GEN Version 5.3

Is there a way to add default values for the following settings?

additionalTemplatesFolder additionalTasksFolder

I attempted to add the following entries to the config file located in the root dir of LLBL (Note, not real path names)

    <add key="AdditionalTasksFolder" value="SomePath\Tasks"/>
    <add key="AdditionalTemplatesFolder" value="SomePath\Templates"/>

Then looking at %AppData% ... LLBLGen Pro /Preferences53.xml

it is pulling in (Note, not real user name)

  <additionalTasksFolder value="C:\Users\myUser\Documents\LLBLGen Pro\v5.3\Tasks" />
  <additionalTemplatesFolder value="C:\Users\myUser\Documents\LLBLGen Pro\v5.3\Templates" />

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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Please see the Preferences of the designer for an additional template path for templates that have to be used for all projects and your project settings for the additional template path that has to be used for that project.

Frans Bouma | Lead developer LLBLGen Pro