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# Posted on: 13-Dec-2020 13:56:49   

I saw on the EF Core 6 talk that Frans created a project that included a 'services' folder containing an ASP.Net swagger endpoint for the entity functions. Is this a real thing that we will be able to access, and (more importantly) will something like this be created for the LLBLGen ORM? It would be great to have a set of templates that generated a core set of server-side functionality based on the DTOs you define.

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I generated that service in JetBrains Rider with a few clicks simple_smile I think it was .net core -> ASP.NET Core Web Application and then under 'SDK' on the right, you can pick the type of project, I picked WebAPI. Don't know if VS has the same template but I wouldn't be surprised. Generating services is a feature that we have planned for a future update indeed. In the meantime the IDE templates do get you started rather quickly. I had to delete some code and rename a controller but that was basically it simple_smile

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