mariaDB 10.5 or mysql 8.0.21 which one are fully supported?

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# Posted on: 06-Oct-2020 00:12:43   

I want to migrate from mysql 5 to either mariaDB 10.5 or mysql 8.0.21 currently i am using llblgen pro 4 and LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework for my projects.

Which llblgen pro version should i use? which one (mariaDB 10.5 or mysql 8.0.21) are fully supported by llblgen pro with less changes to my code? (i am still using vstudio 2013)

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We test on MySQL 8, not mariaDB. In general mariadb is compatible with mysql 8 tho, but if you're in doubt, mysql 8 is what we test on.

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