Compiling a solution in release build fails

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# Posted on: 21-Aug-2007 14:20:40   

Question: I have generated C# code using the Adapter template group and added both the database generic and database specific projects to a solution. When I compile the complete solution in debug build, everything is fine, however when I compile the solution in release build, it fails. How's this possible?

Solution: Both projects, database specific and database generic, reference the ORM Support classes and have the 'copy local' setting set to true. This can give conflicts in some build modes. Set one of the references' copy local setting to false. You can also set the copy local setting of the reference in both projects to false and only set the copy local setting of the reference to the ORM Support classes in your main project to true. As long as the ORM support classes are present in the folder from where you start your application, it's fine.