When I use SqlExpress 2005 with llblgen pro I get long path names in my queries

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# Posted on: 21-Aug-2007 14:12:30   

Question: When I use SqlExpress 2005 with LLBLGen Pro, I get long path names in my queries, like C:\mydatabases\myproject\mydatabase.mdf instead of the catalog name. Also, if I use C# as the language of choice, I get compile errors. How to solve this?

** Solution:** Until the SqlServer driver for LLBLGen Pro is updated to support SqlExpress .mdf files natively, use the following steps to use SqlExpress databases with LLBLGen Pro:

  • create the database using SqlServer management studio,
  • add all tables/views/procedures etc. to that database
  • specify as server in the connection parameters section of Create New project in LLBLGen Pro '.\SQLEXPRESS' (without the quotes).
  • you now should be able to work with the database without problems.