Entities, Typed Lists and Typed Views?

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# Posted on: 21-Aug-2007 13:39:51   

Question: In the screenshots I saw things like Entities, Typed Lists and Typed Views. What are they? ** Solution:** Entities, typed lists and typed views are the elements forming the building blocks of the functionality you design with the LLBLGen Pro system. The designer of the LLBLGen Pro system lets you design these elements before they are used to generate code.

An Entity is LLBLGen Pro's core element to work with and maps onto a table or view definition. You can create inheritance hierarchies to effectively map an entity on multiple tables / views (its own and the ones derived from its supertype)

A Typed List is a list of entity fields from a set of entities which have 1:1, 1:n or m:1 relations which each other.

A Typed View is a 1:1 map on existing views in your catalog / schema.