My entity classes don't have a Save() method

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# Posted on: 21-Aug-2007 13:18:24   

Question: When I generate code, I noticed that my entity classes don't have a Save() method and my typed list classes don't have a Fill() method. What's wrong?

Solution: You've chosen one of the Adapter generator configurations in the generator configuration screen but you expected SelfServicing code. To get SelfServicing code, select SelfServicing from the Template Group drop-down-list in the General Settings tab of the code generation window.

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Alternate Solution

You are using the SelfServicing templates but the project you are calling the generated code from does not have a reference to the ORMSupportClasses DLL and has not yet been built.

The .Save methods are inherited from base classes in the support dll, and so this needs to be referenced, and the project built, for these to be visible.