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LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework
Derived Model DTO using QuerySpec

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14-Dec-2003 16:57:29
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# Posted on: 25-Mar-2019 21:45:40.  
I've also just started experimenting with derived models.

In the 5.5 Derived Model Support documentation

Fetching DTO instances
To fetch DTO instances, the projection methods are used to append a projection to a Linq query formulated in an IQueryable<T>. Below an example is given of using these projection methods, by fetching a set of Customer DTO class instances projected from a set of Customer entity instances, using a Linq query. The Customer DTO class instantiated is given in the Generated DTO class structure section.

Does this mean that if I am using QuerySpec I have to do an In-Memory projection? Or did I miss the QuerySpec section of the documentation?
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LLBLGen Pro Team

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17-Aug-2003 18:00:36
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# Posted on: 26-Mar-2019 08:43:05.  
QuerySpec isn't a supported query language for the derived models at this point, so you didn't miss anything in the docs. We do plan to add it tho, but at the moment it's not available and indeed the only options are: use Linq or do the projection manually (use one of the typed projection methods offered by queryspec to make life a little easier: https://www.llblgen.com/Documentation/5.5/LLBLGen%20Pro%20RTF/Using%20the%20generated%20code/QuerySpec/gencode_queryspec_projections.htm#easily-create-typed-projections)

Frans Bouma
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