Designer Event Plug-in Binder

The LLBLGen Pro designer has the ability to call plug-ins when some event occurs, a so called designer event. Designer events are very powerful as they can automate a lot of things in the designer. There are two types of Designer Events: cancelable designer events and normal designer events. The cancelable designer events are raised by actions which can be canceled by the result of the event, provided by the handler of the event. This way, a plug-in could verify if an action can take place and deny it if some check fails.

To call a plug-ins when a designer event happens, it has to be bound to it. This binding can be created by the plug-in itself: plug-ins can auto subscribe to designer events. The designer ships with two examples of that: the pluralization and singularization plug-ins which are bound to resp. the NamePluralToSingularConversion and the NameSingularToPluralConversion events. You can also bind a plug-in to a designer event. To do so, select Tools -> Bind Designer Events to Plug-ins... from the main menu, which will open the Designer Event Plug-in Binder.

The Binder consists of two parts, which are described below.

Known events and bound plug-ins area

This area allows you to select a designer event from the Designer Event combo box. For a selected designer event, it will show which plug-ins are bound automatically in the Auto-bound plug-ins grid and the plug-ins which are bound manually. Auto-bound plug-ins can't be removed from the designer event, but they can be disabled for that particular event.

To disable an auto-bound plug-in for a designer event, uncheck the 'Is Enabled' checkbox in front of the plug-in in the Auto-bound plug-ins. To remove a manually bound plug-in for an event, select it under 'Currently manual bound plug-ins' and click the Unbind selected plug-ins button.

Additional plug-ins to bind area

This area enlists all plug-ins which can be bound manually to the selected designer event. To bind a plug-in manually to the event, select it under 'Plug-ins not yet bound to this event' and click the Bind selected plug-in button. It will then be bound to the event and called when the designer event is raised.

Not all events can have more than one plug-in bound to it. In the case when the event can only have one plug-in bound to it (like the NameSingularToPluralConversion event), the manual bind button is disabled even though there might be a plug-in listed. In that case, first unbind a manually bound plug-in or disable an auto-bound plug-in.