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To fully understand and take advantage of the elements in this documentation, it's key to understand the conventions we've used when writing the documentation, for example the order in which everything is laid out, the various .NET versions etc.

It's recommended you familiarize yourself with the concepts as described in the LLBLGen Pro Designer documentation, as well as how the designer works.


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QuerySpec extension methods

The QuerySpec query API offers a set of extension methods which make it easier to formulate predicates and predicate expressions. To utilize these in your code, add the following line to the top of your code file:

using SD.LLBLGen.Pro.QuerySpec;
Imports SD.LLBLGen.Pro.QuerySpec

The examples for QuerySpec and the Low-level API in this documentation will use these extension methods in almost all cases. See for more examples of what extension methods are available to you, the QuerySpec section, or the LLBLGen Pro RTL Reference Manual, and check the extension methods on the classes EntityField (SelfServicing), EntityField2 (Adapter), Predicate and Expression.

LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework Reference Manual

This manual doesn't contain the LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework Reference manual, which is a separate .chm file (or set of files if you want to integrate the reference manual into Visual Studio help.). It's highly recommended to regularly check the reference manual for method overloads, properties of classes and other specifics of the discussed methods and features in this manual. Not every tiny little detail is described in this manual and the reference manual is invaluable in that area.

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