Welcome to the NHibernate Support documentation!

To fully understand and take advantage of the elements in this documentation, it's key to understand the conventions we have used when writing the documentation, for example the order in which everything is laid out.

This documentation is a supplement of the LLBLGen Pro Designer documentation. It contains the documentation for the NHibernate specific elements and features. This documentation also assumes you are familiar with NHibernate and how to use it. This documentation doesn't describe NHibernate or FluentNHibernate related elements, as these are documented either on NHForge.org or on the FluentNHibernate website.


If you're reading the documentation locally in Chrome, be aware that in Chrome the search doesn't work due to a security limitation in Chrome, as the search uses a json file which is ignored by Chrome. To use the search, please open the documentation in another browser or use the online version of this documentation.

Enjoy your exploration of the NHibernate Support documentation!

The LLBLGen Pro Team.