How to sync the relational model data

The Relational Model Data in the project (e.g. catalogs, schemas, tables) can be synchronized with two sources: either an external database ('Database First') or with the Abstract Entity Model ('Model First'). LLBLGen Pro makes it easy to sync Relational Model Data as everything is done through the same interface, it doesn't matter whether you work Database First or Model First or a mix of both.

Syncing Rela Model Data is done through the Sync Relational Model Data tab. Using that interface you can control with what source your Relational Model Data elements are synced with: Database, Model or a Mix of both. The Sync Relational Model Data tab then produces Sync Tasks which will perform the synchronization for you and which you can execute in one go by clicking the Perform Tasks button on the Sync Relational Model Data tab.

After the Sync Tasks have been completed, your Relational Model Data is in sync with its source.

Model First specific post-sync step

After syncing the Relational Model Data with the Abstract Entity Model, it's recommended to export the changes as an update script.

This way, you can apply the changes onto the database schema and use the generated code with the new schema.