Welcome to the LLBLGen Pro v5 Designer documentation!

To fully understand and take advantage of the elements in this documentation, it's key to understand the conventions we have used when writing the documentation, for example the order in which everything is laid out.

Order of elements

The LLBLGen Pro documentation is ordered in such a way that elements which are necessary to know first are also described first. That's why the Concepts Section is the first section you will encounter, as in there the various aspects of the system are described so later on you won't wonder what certain terms mean.

After you've familiarized yourself with the topics described in Concepts, you can move on to the rest of the topics, e.g. the How to... section and the functionality reference, where you will learn how to create a project and generate code. After you've successfully generated code, you can move to the separate documentation books for the target framework you have chosen for your project to learn how the generated code looks like and how to use it.

In the Designer interface various elements have a Info button icon which will display in-designer help if you hover over it with the mouse and will also offer quick links to documentation.


If you're reading the documentation locally in Chrome, be aware that in Chrome the search doesn't work due to a security limitation in Chrome, as the search uses a json file which is ignored. To use the search, please open the documentation in another browser or use the online version of this documentation.

Enjoy your exploration of the LLBLGen Pro Designer documentation!

The LLBLGen Pro Team.