Breaking changes introduced in LLBLGen Pro v5.0

No breaking changes regarding Entity Framework were introduced in LLBLGen Pro v4.0, v4.1, v4.2 or v5.0

Breaking changes introduced in LLBLGen Pro v3.1

In v3.1, a small number of breaking changes have been introduced for the supported O/R mapping frameworks. The changes specific for the Entity Framework are described below.

In v3.0, when using multiple RDBMS types in a project (e.g. SqlServer and Oracle), generating code would result in database specific projects which have the database type name (e.g. ‘SqlServer’) twice e.g. MyRootNamespace.SqlServerSqlServer.Persistence.csproj).

This has now been corrected. If you use multiple RDBMS types in your project and one of these target frameworks (Linq to Sql, Entity Framework or LLBLGen Pro runtime framework), generating code with v3.1 will result in a database specific project name with the database type name just once (so MyRootNamespace.SqlServer.Persistence.csproj for example).

Existing solutions will refer to the old project file, so you manually have to correct the solution.

To make it easy: before generating code with v3.1, rename your persistence projects so that the RDBMS type name is specified just once. Do this in, so the .sln file is updated as well. After that, regenerate code with v3.1, so the code generator will update your existing projects.

If you don’t want this: in the preset you use, specify [databaseShortName] in the filename parameter for the project task in the preset at the spot after [projectName] or where the redundant name was specified. Then save the preset as a custom preset and use this preset from now on.