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Thread:  LLBLGen Pro v5.3 EAP released!

Otis (LLBLGen Pro Team)   Posted on: 06-Sep-2017 16:58:05.
This is an EAP (Early Access Preview) release. So the 'P' stands for preview and not for production, keep that in mind Wink

It contains the LLBLGen Pro v5.3 full installer with new functionality added since the latest v5.2 build.

- .NET Standard 2.0 support for LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework to run it on .NET core 2.0
- EF Core 2.0 support
- Small changes

There will be more added before v5.3 RTM is released. As this is a preview release, you likely will run into rough edges and if necessary (though we hope to avoid this) we'll introduce changes before RTM which might break your code.

For feedback, use the LLBLGen Pro beta feedback forum.

For more details how to use the new features, see the documentation for Entity Framework and LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework; the new features should be properly documented.

All our runtime framework dlls are on nuget as well, but have a prerelease suffix, so to see them you need to enable 'prerelease' in the nuget client in visual studio.

To download the v5.3 EAP you have to have a valid subscription. Go to: -> My Account -> V5.3.