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Thread:  LLBLGen Pro v5.1 Beta is now available!

Otis (LLBLGen Pro Team)   Posted on: 27-Oct-2016 11:08:48.
We've released LLBLGen Pro v5.1 Beta! It's available for all v5.x subscribers and you can download the installer from the 'My account -> v5.1' section.

This is the final release before RTM, no more new features will be added. If everything goes as planned, we'll release RTM within 2 weeks.

Runtime packages have been uploaded to nuget too, with the 'beta' suffix.

The version comes with final documentation. It's fully tested, however it comes with the usual beta warning: this is prerelease software, bugs can be present.

Support is given through the forum for EAP builds we just opened: If you don't see it, please close/reopen your browser.

What's new since EAP2: