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Catalog Explorer

The Catalog Explorer is the central viewer for the Relational Model Data in your LLBLGen Pro project and the entrance point for performing actions on these elements. In v3, LLBLGen Pro has a catalog explorer which is multi-selection aware and offers a rich feature set per node through context menus. It's a very important part of the designer especially for users who want to work database-first.

The Catalog Explorer has a detail pane which opens in the central tab area of the designer, called the Catalog Details Viewer. You can open this viewer by selecting one or more nodes in the Catalog Explorer and press cntrl-shift-D or right-click on the selected nodes and select 'Show Details...'. This viewer is read-only and gives a more detailed view on various elements available in the Catalog Explorer, like type details of entity fields.

The main parts of the catalog explorer are explained below:

Catalog Explorer

The Catalog Explorer

The main Catalog Explorer elements

The following main elements are available in the Catalog Explorer:

Every node in the Catalog Explorer, if applicable, has a context menu which offers functionality on that node or a group of selected nodes of that same type (e.g. a selected set of table definition nodes).

The Catalog Explorer is the starting point for when you want to reverse engineer for example entity definitions from elements found in the Relational Model Data: select the elements you want to reverse engineer and right-click the elements to bring up the context menu to select the element type you want to reverse engineer the elements into. You can also right-click for example a Schema or a Catalog to bulk-reverse engineer all elements contained in these containers. All reverse engineering activity uses the Reverse Engineering Element Editor to select the elements to reverse engineer, so it's not necessary to select all tables and all views in a catalog or schema first to reverse engineer them all.

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